Tips for Buying Immersion Blenders

Immersion blender is an important kitchen appliance and apparently buying a blender from the market seems to be a simple task. This appliance is widely used in our kitchen for mixing the food ingredients and crushing them. Though it is a small appliance but it offers some marvelous kitchen functions and a number of food items can be prepared using it. Blender can do multi tasking and may be used as a food processor, coffee maker, and even juicer. If you utilize immersion blenders as a food processor then it meshes fruits and vegetables and as a juicer it can make fresh fruit juices for the family. You can grind the coffee beans as well for brewed aroma coffee.

This is a compact electronic machine but this appliance performs a lot of kitchen jobs and that’s why it could be found in almost every kitchen. It takes less space to occupy in the kitchen further it is less expense. No one can deny the importance of it in preparing healthy food and drinks. We can prepare meals for babies and for those who are not able to chew hard food materials. Here are some useful tips for you if you are purchasing a blender for your kitchen:

Don’t go for Used immersion Blenders

There are used blenders in the market as well and though they are cheap but not reliable. You must go for new ones as a new product guarantee pledges that the machine is in first-class condition. Moreover, power consumption of new appliance is minimum as compare to used ones.

Power and Capacity

Motor power is important for immersion blenders depending upon its use. If you need a immersion blender for simply blending functions than low powered, less electricity consuming makes sense. If the immersion blender has to be used for crushing ice and grinding coffee beans or nuts then select a one with a high powered motor.

Best Quality

An immersion blender is bought for being used in the kitchen for making purees, smoothies, crushing ice, grinding coffee etc. As you would be using it for varied functions you should not compromise on quality and prefer a product from a reputable brand. Though generally quality comes with price but this would ensure the functionality of the immersion blender as well.

Common Problems in Food Processor

all types of bladesWhen you want to buy a food processor the first question you have in mind is; what is the best food processor. Once you have your answers you can go on and get yourself the best food processor there is in the market. Once you have this then you expect to enjoy using your machine forever.

However, a time comes when that same machine starts having some few problems that you have no idea how to fix them. And then the same question of what is the best food processor comes back to your mind and you are left struggling without the right answer.

Do not worry. Here are some of the most common problems that you will find in your daily usage. These are very common problems that anyone can fix them from home.

Blunt Blades

As a result of continuous use of food processors, blades can become easily dull. When this happens there is the right way to fix the issue without damaging anything. You will obviously be provided with two options. That is to sharpen or buy a new one.

Here is how to sharpen the blades if it is your preferred option. Get a pair of leather gloves. These should be made of heavy material to prevent you from cutting yourself. Sharpen the blade by passing it across a whetstone. You should do this repeatedly for around 20 times and alternating the sides. Clean your blade carefully and thoroughly after sharpening.



food processor blandesWhen you have rust on your food processor blades that can be as a result of not cleaning your blades after use or not cleaning them properly. Once you have rust on the blades this can have rust in the food. This is obviously not good.

Here is how to clean your blades to remove rust. You should use steel wool to rub the blades to remove all the rust. Then rinse the blades with enough water to remove all the debris.

Broken Blade

When it is your first time or you are not used to using a food processor you might encounter such problems.However, it is very rare to have a broken blade. You need to know how to use the processor effectively to ensure that the blades are safe.

Here is what to do when you have a broken blade. Start by pulling the blade from the machine’s spindle then empty all the content in the processor. Once you have done this you will have a chance to easily locate and take out the broken parts of your blade. The nest process is to find another blade which you can order online or buy from a close store if you know any.

When the Blade is Stuck

Here is how to remove the blade from the unit. One you need to first unplug the machine to avoid any accidents in case you turn it on. Use a pair of channel locks to grab that part of the blade that fits over the processor’s spindle.

You then have to hold the food processor tightly and grab the plastic that is over the spindle tightly as well. Once you are done with this the next step is to pull the food processor blade. In some cases there might be dried food that has accumulated between the blade and the spindle which might make you try several times to loosen the blade.

Why should You buy a Pressure Cooker?

electric cookerPressure cooking has taking conventional cooking to a whole new level. These intelligent appliances use simple laws of physics to cook food at higher pressures and temperatures than with the usual approach. By cooking food in a sealed container they build up pressure by trapping steam. Increase in pressure is directly proportional to increase in temperature provided the volume remains the same as stated by the Ideal Gas Law. When food cooks at this higher temperature, cooking time and energy required to cook food reduces substantially.

Pressure cookers have been around for several years but the traditional ones have a reputation of being the cause of several kitchen mishaps involving the blowing off of the cooker lids. However, with modern pressure cookers that come with multiple safety features, you don’t have to worry about any mishaps. These new varieties of pressure cookers offer safe and convenient cooking for even amateur cooks.

If you are still unsure whether or not you need a pressure cooker for yourself, here are some of the benefits pressure cooking offers and why you definitely need one in your kitchen:

Cooks Faster:

Pressure cooker saves 70% of your cooking time as compared to conventional cooking techniques. Where it takes 4 to 6 hours to cook meat dishes in a normal cooking pot, it only takes 30 to 40 minutes to pressure cook it. Pressure cooker saves much of your time spent in the kitchen.

Energy Efficient:

In addition to saving time, pressure cookers also save 70% of the energy required to cook food as compared to the usual cooking techniques. The energy you save with pressure cooking results in huge savings in your utility bills as well.


Healthier Food:

Scientific research says that the longer the food is cooked, the more nutrients it will lose. Also, by trapping steam, the pressure cooker traps the vitamins and minerals from escaping the food. In contrast, with conventional cooking, the important nutrients are lost in the form of vapors with the steam.

Tastier Food:

stovetopBy cooking food faster, pressure cookers also save much of the natural taste and colors of the ingredients which are lost when cooked for a long time as is the case with conventional cooking approach. As a result, pressure cooked food is more flavorful and appealing to the eye. Pressure Cooker Buyer’s Guide can describe things in more detail for you.

Easy clean up:

Pressure cookers cook food in a sealed environment which prevents any food splattering that is often the case with conventional stovetop cooking. At the end of the food preparation, you are left with a single utensil to clean; the pressure cooker. You are saved from the hassle in cleaning the stovetop and the kitchen counter, sometimes even the wall and floor.