My name is Marilyn Fowler, I am a young at heart married women with kids. I spend a lot of times with my family. We have all sorts of fun and adventures. A few times out of the year we take trips around the world doing things that we have never done before.

Last year we went to Australia and camp out in the outback. It was great to see all wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Other than traveling a lot I also like hunting. Yes, that’s right I am a hunter. For the past thirteen I have been able to fully supply my family with wild game. It has been at least that long since my wife had to buy any meat products form the grocery store. We also butcher and process all of our meats. This ensures healthy and ethical practices.

I have also been in the process of teaching my children to hunt as well.

I want my children to have a very productive and enriched childhood. Just like I did. I have stories that will blow your mind about hunting, fishing, camping, and other family activities from my childhood. I had the best time as a kid with my parents, bothers, and sisters, that I want to ensure that with my own kids.

My wife and I are also totally against allowing outside entities influence our children lives. In order to ensure that they are allowed to enjoy their childhoods and not grow up too fast we have decided that our home will be technology free.